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One of the main virtues of gmail accounts is that they are very powerful than Yahoo and Hotmail its main competitors in this market filter SPAM , . They have a very sophisticated algorithm to detect consignments mass mailings and unwanted . Although we recognize that it also has its negative aspect , often bounce emails are legitimate and never received them.

Another of his points in favor is the excellent design that have achieved today , simple to use and the most used options in sight , we are talking about writing a new message and reply message. We should mention that this design has been renovated a couple of months only , and was very well accepted by all users

This has been a simple summary , if you have questions or problems with the registry can view this article or CREATE ACCOUNT GMAIL if you are looking for help accessing your account I recommend you read ” GMAIL HOME ” .

Not only gmail is an email, but can also be accessed from the spot the old Gtalk , which although was not well received in the public messaging when it was created , because at that time led largely Microsoft with your Messenger today day is much used by Google plus profiles and Hangouts .

How to create an account and then log in.

If you are decided in joining to Gmail and creating your own is very simple, you just have to go to the official registration page is this one here :

Just fill out and complete with your personal data. After registering we recommend that you keep the email and password in a notebook or notepad, because as a new account you have many chances to forget some information .

Once you’ve created your Gmail , the next step is to enter again. To do this you will have to go to the front page of Google , and click on “log in ” button is blue you’ll see the top of your browser.

Once you agree there ‘ll be one step to start , you just write your username ( email ) and password when you do squeeze ” log in ” and will be redirected to your inbox .

I leave here a space for comments below so we can have public message exchanges , and our intention is to help others with your same problem can do .

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